Hi there!
I am Sawyer Lee Coffey. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, a wife to a handsome and courageous pastor, a ma to the spunkiest little girl and a wildflower.

The name of my blog, He calls me wildflower, was inspired by a special moment I had with The Lord. I was praying to Him, asking what He wanted of me because I felt kind of useless. Josh is so great at what he does and is so clearly supposed to be right where he is and I was feeling like I wasn’t as gifted or spiritual or as mature as the awesome people on our staff. I was just lifting up all my concerns about myself to God when He stopped me mid prayer and said, “you are My wildflower.” He went on to explain, “you weren’t grown in a beautiful garden like some, but I have planted you where I want you. You have unique beauty and will worship Me wherever you are, even in the wilderness. You don’t need to try and be anything other then what I have made you…and that is My wildflower”.

Ever since that sacred moment, I’ve clung to that as my identity and it is my goal to learn to bloom wherever I’m planted.



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