Sweet Annie


I’ve mentioned before that I someday I’d really like to fancy myself a photographer, welp…thanks to a ton of YouTube videos, my husband’s wealth of knowledge and through trial and error, I’ve been slowly but surely learning how to use my camera!

Over Christmas vacation while at my parent’s house, I’ve gotten to take advantage of practicing my hand at photography by forcing my family to be my models. My sister is at a really sweet stage of motherhood right now where she is just so enraptured with love for her precious baby girl, that I really wanted to capture that fierce love on camera for her.

The joys of a mother are plentiful, and not in short supply

smiles are her opulence and giggles are her high,

Keeping her child clean and fed are cheerful chores indeed,

as she watches her child flourish and glean from all of her thoughtful seeds

when days are long and nerves worn thin

the exhaustion creeping in,

She’s just about to lose her cool when they look up at you and grin

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