Fall family photos 2017


I’m the one in my family that is always worried about capturing memories through a lens. I constantly make my family stop to take a photo when we are all together. It can definitely get on their nerves, but hey…we have a lot of great photos, thanks to me. I’d like to fancy myself a photographer, but sadly that is not the case. My dear husband is the one lugging around the camera and taking photos of everything I point out. I guess you could call me the photo director? I just like to pose people and I think I know what looks good. Someday I would like to discipline myself in the art of photography, but in the meantime, I’ll just keep annoying my family, making my husband point the camera, scouting out pretty locations and playing around in Light Room.

Here are our Fall family photos that you will most likely see on all of our Christmas cards. Enjoy!

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  • Michelle Hosier

    Sawyer can you work that kind of magic with my family? These are great!!! If you want to “annoy” us just let me know.

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